Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Positive Pulse Collar Mounted MWD

Rotary-Pulser2LEAM’s collar mounted MWD tool is designed for the tough LCM heavy environments. The collar mounted pulser can handle up to 50 pounds per barrel of fibrous and granular Lost Circulation Material. This design has been proven reliable in high temperature and high vibration environments.

When irretrievability is not issue LEAM’s ruggedized collar mounted MWD is your answer.

This system can be utilized where lost circulation is expected and lost circulation material will be added to the drilling fluid.

Signal Transmission

Positive Mud Pulse

Tool Sizes

3.5 Collar OD to 8.25 Collar OD

Inclination Accuracy

± 0.1 degrees

Azimuth Accuracy

± 0.1 degrees

Toolface Accuracy

± 0.5 degrees


Up to 175C or 347F

Flow Range

75 to 1200 GPM

LEAM Product Lines

Retrievable and Collar Mount