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Gamma Ray LWD

Gamma_Ray_ImagesThe rocks (or lithology) below the earth's surface contain naturally occurring radioactive elements. The natural gamma ray sensor measures the amount of naturally occurring radioactivity within the earth's formation. The amount of radioactivity can be related to the lithology and guide the exploration company into their desired reservoir target. Gamma ray measurements are transmitted to the surface in the same manner as directional survey and toolface data. The decoded gamma ray data is plotted against depth providing the geologist a log of the wellbore being drilled. The geologist can correlate the real-time gamma ray with offset log data and/or seismic data and is able to make changes to the planned wellbore path to hit the desired geological target.
LEAM cuts costs and speeds completion of well production by enabling these measurements to be taken and evaluated while the well is being drilled. This makes it possible to perform Geosteering, or Directional Drilling based on measured formation properties, rather than simply drilling into a preset target. Our MWD tools contain internal Gamma Ray sensors to measure natural Gamma Ray values. These sensors are compact, reliable, and can take measurements through unmodified drill collars.

Our gamma radiation logging tool is compatible with both retrievable and collar-mounted positive pulse MWD systems. All gamma modules are verified with a KUTh Field Verifier to determine the correct API calibration for each individual module. This will ensure you and your geology department have confidence to pick your markers the first time. Gamma_Ray_Images2