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LEAM's MWD tools are capable of taking directional surveys in real time. Our tools use accelerometers and magnetometers to measure the inclination and azimuth of the wellbore at that location, and they then transmit that information to the surface.

LEAM's MWD tools also provide toolface measurements to aid in directional drilling using downhole mud motors with bent subs or bent housings. For more information on toolface measurements, (see: Directional & Horizontal Drilling)

Our MWD tools can take measurements of borehole deviations, formation properties, and downhole temperatures. At the surface, these measurements are assembled into a log and plotted to determine the bottom-hole location of the wellbore.

Positive Pulse Collar-Mounted Tools


Our Positive Pulse Collar Mounted tools briefly close and open the valve to restrict the mud flow within the drill pipe. This produces an increase in pressure that can be seen at surface. Line codes are used to represent the digital information in form of pulses.

These tools cannot be removed from their drill collar at the wellsite unless removed on surface. If there is the need to replace the tool, the entire drillstring must be pulled out of the hole to replace it. However, without the need to fit through the drillstring, the tool can be stabilized in a tighter fashion. This minimizes shock and vibration which is a contributing factor in running any MWD tool.
This system can be utilized where lost circulation is expected and lost circulation material will be added to the drilling fluid. The LEAM collar-mounted MWD system can handle up to 50 pounds per barrel of both fibrous and granular LCM materials.

Positive Pulse Retrievable MWD

The ability to retrieve the tool via wireline is often useful. For example, if the drillstring becomes stuck in the hole, then retrieving the tool via wireline will save a substantial amount of money compared to leaving it in the hole with the stuck portion of the drillstring. Our Retrievable MWD tools are Self-Contained and Wireline Retrievable.
Retrievable Tools, sometimes known as Slim Tools, can be retrieved and replaced using wireline through-the -drill string. This generally allows the tool to be replaced much faster if needed, and it allows the tool to be recovered if the drillstring becomes stuck.
This system can be utilized to reduce lost in hole risk. In the event the BHA becomes stuck during the drilling process, the retrievable MWD system can be wireline retrieved, saving the customer the cost of replacing the MWD system.


Electromagnetic (EM) Telemetry

MWD-precisionThe LEAM EM system was acquired and designed specifically for applications of under-balanced drilling, high speed drilling, and low pressure formations or lost circulation situations. Surveys can be transmitted during connection with no waiting time at data rates exceeding five times faster than conventional mud pulse.


Natural Gamma Ray Lithology (Gamma Ray LWD)

The rocks (or lithology) below the earth's surface contain naturally occurring radioactive elements. The natural gamma ray sensor measures the amount of naturally occurring radioactivity within the earth's formation. The amount of radioactivity can be related to the lithology and guide the exploration company into their desired reservoir target. Gamma ray measurements are transmitted to the surface in the same manner as directional survey and toolface data. The decoded gamma ray data is plotted against depth providing the geologist a log of the wellbore being drilled. The geologist can correlate the real-time gamma ray with offset log data and/or seismic data and is able to make changes to the planned wellbore path to hit the desired geological target. Gamma ray is optional on all LEAM MWD tools.