Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Directional and Horizontal Drilling

LEAM employs a full-service approach to drilling a well. LEAM prides itself on exceeding customer expectations from inception until well after the job is complete.


Measurement While Drilling (MWD) & Gamma Services
LEAM Drilling Systems LLC provides state of the art MWD services for the directional drilling services industry. LEAM MWD Systems provide wellbore surveys, mud motor toolface orientation and natural gamma ray lithology measurements.

Positive Pulse Retrievable MWD
This system can be utilized to reduce lost in hole risk. In the event the BHA becomes stuck during the drilling process, the retrievable MWD system can be wireline retrieved, saving the customer the cost of replacing the MWD system.


Positive Pulse Collar Mounted MWD
This system can be utilized where lost circulation is expected and lost circulation material will be added to the drilling fluid. The LEAM collar mounted MWD system can handle up to 50 pounds per barrel of both fibrous and granular LCM materials.


EM (Electromagnetic) LWD
The LEAM EM system was acquired and designed specifically for applications of underbalanced drilling, high speed drilling, and low pressure formations or lost circulation situations. Surveys can be transmitted during connection with no waiting time at data rates exceeding five times faster than conventional mud pulse.


LEAM Mud Motors
LEAM Drilling Systems has a wide variety of industry leading performance mud motors designed to match any down-hole application.


Well Planning
LEAM continually ensures the latest directional software is being used by all well-planners. LEAM provides 24-hour well planning support and will provide in-house support when needed. All customers receive daily Plan vs. Actual reports.