we’re LEAM drilling services

Industry leaders in Directional Drilling since 1980

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we’re LEAM drilling services

Industry leaders in Directional Drilling since 1980

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Over 100 years of combined experience. Over 40 years of industry expertise.

LEAM Drilling Services was established in New Iberia, Louisiana in 1980 with the objective of lowering customers' well cost by providing excellent people, service, and equipment.

Offering best-in-class downhole mud motors, state-of-the-art MWD equipment, and a remote operations center to monitor all wells drilled in the US, LEAM is one of the largest independent directional companies in the country and operates in every major basin.

We are proud to have maintained the same level of quality service since our inception, while growing into a sophisticated major directional company.


To deliver top-quality, cost-effective directional drilling solutions to our customers through our team of highly skilled professionals and our state-of-the-art equipment.


To be the leading provider of directional drilling services across the United States, setting the industry standard for reliability, innovation, and customer service.

Core values

Driven by Leadership, Dedication, Integrity, Innovation, and Safety – LEAM Drilling Services excels in providing exceptional drilling solutions.



We set the standard for excellence in directional drilling services across the United States, leveraging our extensive experience, industry knowledge, and state-of-the-art equipment to provide unparalleled directional drilling services that exceed our customers' expectations and keep them ahead of the curve.



We go above and beyond in everything we do, delivering exceptional results to our customers and continuously striving to improve our processes, services, and equipment.



As leaders in the directional drilling industry, we firmly uphold the highest standards of integrity, ensuring excellence across all our operations.  We are committed to doing what’s right and acting with safety to protect our team, customers, and the environment.



We push the boundaries of innovation in our technology and engineering processes, leveraging our expertise and resources to develop new solutions to meet the evolving needs of the energy industry.



Our products undergo rigorous quality control to meet the highest safety standards.

We believe the key to our success lies in the people we employ. We are always on the lookout for potential candidates for future openings. If you’re interested in being part of our team, please submit an application.


where we are

Dickinson, ND

Midland, TX

Conroe, TX

New Iberia, LA

Morgantown, WV